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Hike was built for

the mind's journey

The short story of why Hike was built.

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We’re building an open-source resource hub for mental therapy assistance.

Life presents obstacles that challenge us mentally.

These obstacles come about because of situations we’re faced with, past trauma, or how we’re wired to process things.

For the longest time there’s been this stigma surrounding mental health. It’s gotten better with awareness, but there are unhealthy moments where cultures have generated accommodation where we've allowed our minds to change ourselves in unhealthy ways.

In February of 2021, Hike was born. I was from a broken family—one that didn’t know how to navigate life’s difficult situations. Optimism seemed to be the only way. I knew my family wasn’t the only one that needed help. I set out to build a resource that helped my family and hopefully others.

But, what?

I was reminded during my therapy journey how I had resources from my therapist like prompts, exercises, and tools that were very helpful for me. But they definitely weren’t organized or easy to access.

What if I created a library of easy-to-access resources to assist others?

So, I started building Hike. Throughout the years the need has only become clearer for a mental health resource hub like Hike to exist—to help so many others in healthy ways. Own your journey at whatever pace works for you.

In the coming weeks, months, and years Hike will receive more updates based on discovery, usage, and feedback.

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Derek J
Founder of Hike