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New Addition

June 6, 2023

Rocky 2.0 is here along with more levels of exploring within the library.

Ever since the language teaching app, Duolingo released their updated mascot I've always wanted to have a mascot. For Hike, we have Rocky the raccoon! And well, he didn't get much love as I'm not a mascot graphic designer. Adam Doffiri did a great job!

Now that we have an updated look to Rocky who will only help you better explore the Library in the future we need more levels to the Library.

Prior to today you'd visit a resource and see related glossary items and the name of the source. Now, you can visit each glossary item and see related resources and see all resources related to a specific source. This felt like a big release, but just another addition.



As the founder of Hike, I also freelance as a web designer and Webflow developer.

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May 2023
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Rocky the raccoon mascot with a Hike blue backpack with an encouraging smile.

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