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New Addition

May 8, 2023

Already, we've been grateful to have people use their expertise and craft to help Hike. So, we needed a place to credit them.

In the second-ever update we're adding credits. Now, in the footer (very bottom of the page) you'll see a 'Credits' link that will popup a list of people we owe credit to. You'll see their name, title, contribution, and when clicking or tapping on their card it'll link out to a link they've provided. We hope to credit everyone that has contributed a great amount to Hike outside of resource content.

Shoutout to the first three people we are giving credit to:

  1. Anna Rocca who designed all the icons you'll see in the next log
  2. Matt Begnoche for custom coding the Title First Letter Yellow Blocks (official unofficial name)
  3. Corey Moen gave me the first piece of feedback for Hike and continues to provide value mentorship and guidance


As the founder of Hike, I also freelance as a web designer and Webflow developer.

Member since:
May 2023
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